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Located in South Perth, Signature Dental has been providing affordable and personalised dental treatments for over 20 years backed by our compassionate and experienced dental team.

We provide unique and individualised treatment to each of our patients, and we communicate our genuine commitment to deliver exceptional service with warmth and sincerity. In partnership with our excellent staff, committed patients, and superb facilities, Signature Dental is focused and providing comprehensive and innovative treatment to ensure a remarkable smile that radiates health and confidence forever.

Our Focus is on you the patient.

Every patient is treated with care and respect. We strive to offer ideal care, ensuring we provide ample, appropriate information to empower our patients to choose the treatment that is right for them.

We are ready to bring your smile to the surface.

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Complete Family Dental Care

Preventive Dental

Most people have heard that taking care of their teeth is important. Preventive dentistry is one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy and vibrant smile.

Dental Implants

If you currently have a denture and have difficulty wearing it or concerns regarding eating with a denture you may like to consider dental implants as an alternative.

Smile Transformations

Do you have some specific concerns or do you know that you would like to improve your smile but are just not sure where to start?

Pain free dentistry

Some of us are old enough to remember that going to the dentist was a painful ordeal. The good news is that the bad old days of dentistry are gone!


The Invisalign system is similar to braces, but they are removable and best of all, invisible, which is something that is important to many adults.

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Don’t hide your smile anymore. When you are ready, contact us on (08) 9474-4750 or make an online appointment.