The risks associated with teeth whitening in WA

On occasions, there has been some bad press in the news regarding teeth whitening. Some people have concerns that it might be inherently dangerous and unwise, but teeth whitening in WA need not be dangerous as long as you discuss your plans with your dentist. Many of the negative stories that have been talked about have been the result of people trying to use bleaching agents on themselves or being applied by someone other than a qualified dental practitioner, without the proper knowledge.

The main risks are from chemical burns that are caused by prolonged exposure to high-concentration bleaching agents. The most common areas that are burned are the lips and gums, and usually this is caused by accidental applications when applying the bleaching agents to the teeth. Of course this can be completely avoided by having your dentist apply the bleach for you. She will know the best way to do it, and these services are part of Signature Dental’s usual practice.

Teeth whitening in WA is safe as long as you follow the basic guidelines. Consult with a qualified dental practitioner to ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening. Don’t attempt to use high-concentration bleaches unsupervised, and children under the age of 16 shouldn’t attempt to have their teeth bleached. Those with sensitive teeth should speak to their dentist before undergoing any treatments for teeth whitening in WA.

Remember that teeth whitening in WA does not change the colour of any fillings. So if you’ve already had extensive dentistry in the past, you may want to think about what your fillings will look like once your teeth are whiter.

Ultimately, if you are considering teeth whitening in WA, you should consult a dentist. Ensure that your teeth are suitable for whitening, and that you know what type of treatment might suit you, and what sort of result you might expect. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us for a consultation with Dr Allison Kale, of Signature Dental, South Perth, WA on (08) 9474 4750.